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android-pokerthToday on 2014-05-24 we are happy to say: "PokerTH for Android" is BACK!!! Months ago we had a lot of trouble with the Android support in Qt which is the software development kit we use for PokerTH. Now it gets more and more stable and with the release of Qt version 5.3.0 we are able to create a brand new PokerTH-1.1.1 package without known regression bugs.

Please download PokerTH for Android and have a lot of fun playing PokerTH on your phone or tab ;-)
Your PokerTH Development team!

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PokerTH 1.1.1 - Bugfixes and more http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/171-pokerth-1-1-1-bugfixes-and-more.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/171-pokerth-1-1-1-bugfixes-and-more.html
Some days ago, on 2014-01-10, we released the minor release PokerTH 1.1.1. This package includes two minor bugfixes and especially one crash bugfix. So we recommend to update your installation to version 1.1.1 to avoid a possible crash at the beginning of a game.

Also the HTML5 poker spectator has been updated several times in the last days (currently version 1.1-web8). We improved the performance of the lobby view and also added a loading message so that you can see when the loading of the lobby is in progess.

With the new year there is also a new CUP season initiated by our partners from poker-heroes.com. So they started with a New years cup and also with a Heads up cup. Have fun while playing or watching the games in the Spectator: PokerTH-live

Your PokerTH development team

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Merry Christmas: PokerTH 1.1 released - Spectators are welcome! http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/170-merry-christmas-pokerth-1-1-released-spectators-are-welcome.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/170-merry-christmas-pokerth-1-1-released-spectators-are-welcome.html

xmastreeWe are very happy to give a Christmas present to all of you: PokerTH 1.1 was just released on 2013-12-22 and finally supports spectators for tables. There is a new HTML5-based spectator tool which can be used to join and watch games. Spectators are allowed in all games by default and a list of spectators is shown in PokerTH 1.1. If you would like to play privately without spectators, you may disallow spectators in the game settings.

PokerTH 1.1 also comes with several improvements like showing the server ping. You can find a list of changes in the Changelog.

You can get the package for your system on our download page.

We wish you a merry christmas, a happy new year and ...
a lot of fun with PokerTH 1.1!

Your PokerTH development team

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  http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/27-2009-12-08-14-14-12.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/27-2009-12-08-14-14-12.html

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PokerTH 1.1-beta4 - translations etc. http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/166-pokerth-1-1-beta4-translations-etc.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/166-pokerth-1-1-beta4-translations-etc.html
On 2013-12-01 we released PokerTH 1.1-beta4. The translation team did a great job as usual. So the currently maintained translations are 100% uptodate and testable in beta4. If you see that your language isn't 100% translated it seems the current maintainer isn't available anymore. Maybe you like to do the job and want to join the translation team? Please contact us via e-mail.

Beside this, we fixed two bugs and added two small features concerning infos about specators. We also did some enhancements and bugfixes in the spectator tool which is version 1.1-beta-web5 now. Please check the ChangeLog and the spectator page "live" for details.

You can see we are very close to the final release. Please test, test and test the new beta4, report bugs via forum or bugtracker and together let us create the best PokerTH release ever ...

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team]]>
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PokerTH 1.1-beta3 released http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/167-pokerth-1-1-beta3-released.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/167-pokerth-1-1-beta3-released.html

Today on 2013-11-02 we released the version 1.1 beta3. This new package contains a frequently requested feature which allows to set the flag "spectators allowed" when you create an internet game. Please help us to test the new version because the new feature needed major modifications in the code.

Have fun and thanks for testing!

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PokerTH 1.1-beta1 released - New spectator tool http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/165-pokerth-1-1-beta1-released-new-spectator-tool.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/165-pokerth-1-1-beta1-released-new-spectator-tool.html
Today on 2013-10-06 we are happy to release PokerTH 1.1-beta1. Besides the C++ programming for the desktop client we are interested in new opportunities coming with HTML5 technologies. So we started "learning by doing" and finally we are presenting a new HTML5 app called PokerTH-live, which is a spectator tool for viewing PokerTH games. At the same time, we are releasing an updated desktop client which is able to show some information about connected spectators and comes with some smaller tweaks and bugfixes.

With the 1.1-beta1 we are starting a new testing stage on a seperate test server to prevent possible crashes on the stable server. We hope you will try the beta as much as possible and report bugs in the forum or in the bugtracker. Bugs and suggestions concerning the PokerTH-live tool should also be reported there.

And now ... as usual
Have a lot of fun (We also had it when learning JavaScript & HTML5 ;-)]]>
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Update for log file analysis http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/163-update-log-file-analysis.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/163-update-log-file-analysis.html

log file analysisAfter a long summer break, we have continued our work on the new log file analysis. In a first step we are introducing an additional, frequently requested statistical value. A new table with the number of hands played (in relation to all hands) is provided. Hence, all existing relative values are evaluated in relation to hands played now; e.g. the win/loss ratio (number of winning hands in relation to hands played) is listed now.
For a better rating of the opponents' play the table "most raise" has been expanded to all bets; in combination with all hands played, the aggressivity/passivity of a player is more obvious.

We are still working on new features and will provide them in near feature.
Your PokerTH development team

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PokerTH 1.0.1 released http://www.pokerth.net/25-news/161-pokerth-1-0-1-released.html http://www.pokerth.net/25-news/161-pokerth-1-0-1-released.html

Today on 2013-04-07 we released the first minor release after the big stable switch 1.x.
The new version 1.0.1 provides a new translation "Galician" and some bugfixes. Your are now also able to store a server password for manually server configuration in the settings dialog.

As usual you will find the new version in our download section. Detailed infos about the release can be found in the changelog.

Have a lot of fun ... and Happy Easter!
Your PokerTH development team

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Happy New Year - PokerTH 1.0 finally released http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/157-happy-new-year-pokerth-1-0-finally-released.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/157-happy-new-year-pokerth-1-0-finally-released.html

pokerth10Maybe it is a coincidence, or it becomes a tradition ... one year ago we released PokerTH 0.9 as Happy-New-Year-Edition. Today on 2013-01-01 we are doing it in the same way.
We would like to thank you for joining and staying with our community and thereby giving this project a sense. For the new year we wish you all the best and a lot of fun with: PokerTH 1.0 FINAL
This version comes with a bunch of enhancements and bugfixes. For example there is a new log-file analysis tool which analyses your and your opponents' gameplay. Additionally, the Android package was updated: We have added sound support and also made PokerTH playable on bigger tablets now. The server code was refactored as well to enable interesting development opportunities (HTML5...) for the future. Furthermore there are other new features and a lot of bugfixes which are described in the changelog.

Please find the new version for your operating system in our download section.
We wish you a happy new Year 2013 and as usual:

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team

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Downtime for 1.0 release http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/104-downtime-for-1-0-release.html http://www.pokerth.net/22-news/latest/104-downtime-for-1-0-release.html

stopToday on 2013-01-01 around 9 pm German time (convert to your local time here) we plan to release PokerTH 1.0. The beta server will be shut down, and there will be a downtime of the stable server which should not last longer than 1-2 hours.

Please be patient during the downtime. We will start the new server as fast as possible. During the downtime, PokerTH 1.0 will be available on the download page, so that you can start right away once the server is running. In the mean time you can follow the process in the twitter plugin below!

Bear with us!
Your PokerTH development team

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Merry Christmas: PokerTH 1.0 beta releases http://www.pokerth.net/merry.html http://www.pokerth.net/merry.html

xmastreeEdit: PokerTH-1.0-beta2 released (2012-12-25) Please check the Changelog.

Today on 2012-12-22, after six years of development which began with version 0.1 in April 2006, we are happy to present a special Xmas gift for our community:
PokerTH 1.0 beta!

Starting with a beta1 release we are presenting the new features in order to get a very stable 1.0 release. We would be glad if you could help us test the new version by doing some local games, network games and also internet games. We have created a separate testing server for the 1.0 beta phase so that the game flow on the stable 0.9.5 server is not disturbed. As soon as it runs fine and no more bugs need to be fixed, we will switch the server to stable with the final 1.0 release.
One new feature is a statistical analysis of your PokerTH games. Therefore a separate new log dialog provides the possibility to upload your log files to pokerth.net, where a statistical evaluation is executed and the results are shown in your webbrowser.

If you discover any bugs please file a bugreport on the bugtracker or post a message in the forum.
And now let us start the engines, please download the beta1 package, test test test, report bugs and as usual …

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team

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