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PokerTH-Heroes meeting 2012

IMG_5378Last weekend (2012-05-19) on a warm Saturday May morning the "Poker Heroes" Kai Schröder (our new developer) and Marcel "LuisCypher" Mudrich travelled to Gifhorn to meet the PokerTH Crew (Florian Thauer, Felix Hammer and Lothar May) on their "homefield" ;).

On the agenda we also had topics all around your needs and problems with the current ranking etc... 
After a good breakfast we started to discuss the idea to use webservices to improve the performance and stability of the system. Lothar and Kai agreed finally to implement webservices.

After the bad news in the 1st quarter of the year, where we lost our Poker Heroes developer Berthold, Kai was found and infected quite fast. That was the good news of the first quarters end, but finally he had to get into the code and make his own review. This took a lot of time and caused the freeze of development we have today. 

The focus of both teams is currently, to keep the system stable and in a good performance. Since a few weeks it seems we have a good condition. But we know that there is still a lot of potential to get better. We are on it.

Stability and performance is No1!
...but not all. So we went on to discuss the outlook till the end of the year. 

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What already was implemented is a smooth work-around for the season resets. The next resets will be


  • 15. July
  • 01. October
  • and finally 01.01. 2013 (continuing quarterly)

What we noticed were the discussions about the minimum of games that need to be played to get into the ranking. Currently, with the start of the new season in May, we have a 30 games malus at the beginning and a "20 games rule" before a user will be displayed in the ranking. The "20 games display rule" has known bugs, but we will fix it.

We discussed to increase the number of games a player needs to play within a season to get the full score. And we decided to set this number to 50. This will avoid the last seasons problem, where the "sleeping dogs" came out in the last 2 days and mixed the ranking totally new. Kai will implement this rule into the current season.

We also talked about the old ideas about the algorithm and we still hold fast to it. But we expect the first results in development earliest at the end of the year.
To keep the motivation "high" we work on a new feature, which we will implement as soon as possible (during the next weeks?): The annual ranking.
The annual ranking is the accumulated result of your season and cup results. After each season and each cup we will update the annual ranking. Details will follow when we start the annual ranking.

Just one more word about the cups: We love the cups idea. And we also love to see how motivated and engaged you played the Weekend Cups. We want to support this and think about an automated cup system which allows admins to generate cups easier. This would also be a new option for players who don´t have the time for a season, but want to be part of the community. This way, combined with the annual ranking, they could team up. A cup system is on our todo list, but takes time. We expect an implementation earliest at the end of the year.

Since a few months the PokerTH Team has been busy with the Android version of PokerTH. The port is really amazing, because it will increase the reach of the system and the possibility to play the game wherever you want. So also Poker Heroes plans a mobile version of the ranking website, to improve the gaming and community experience. And it smells like a relaunch of the ranking website. Joomla 2.5 is out and brings a wide range of new feature we love to see in our community. So the relaunch with a mobile version to support the PokerTH on Android is an important task for this year. 
But before that we still need to do some more database improvements and bugfixes.

At the meeting we discussed an outlook for future features, such as individual gaming stats and analysis. This is also one of Florians tasks. He is working on the logfile. First he will improve the current local logfile handling. The improvement of the server log is another task he is on. And we should not forget the CPU intelligence of the bots for local games - his permanent task for years.

Many ideas, but always short times to realize things. Anyway, we are all highly motivated and inspired of your great ideas and discussions in the forum. And even if we don´t have the time to participate in all discussions, we always read the forum at least. So nothing will be ignored. And also in our meetings (on- and offline) many of your discussions became a topic on our agenda. So keep on discussing keep on playing, keep on to infect your mates and families, keep on to be part of one of the coolest poker communities on the web.

At the end of the meeting we played the fist "PokerTH/Poker Heroes - Meeting Cup". It was really fun to play against the others and reminded everybody what a great game Poker is. Whith these impressions the meeting ended and a new period of hard work started, we love to do.

Your "Poker Guys" from PokerTH and Poker Heroes

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