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28 Nov 2016 22:14 - 12 Nov 2020 19:18 #35107 by supernoob
supernoob created the topic: PokerTH Updates and Progress
Update 2020-11-12:
- major Server security updates
... please report any issues with the website

Update 2020-06-20:
- more responsive spectator-tool - thx a lot to idotj
- chatcleaner list updated - thx a lot to DenTricky

Update 2019-10-07:
- server update - limit ranking games: 4games / 60min

Update 2019-08-01:
- mac build 1.1.2 finally done
- snap(craft) build 1.1.2

Update 2019-07-27:
a few website-updates:
- update and migration to PHP v7.3
- update and migration to Joomla! 3.9.10 Stable
- update and migration to kunena Forum v5.1.13.1
- update theme to v3.19
... please report any issues.

Update 2019-04-14:
- ranking pos on profile page incl. total active players relation now

Update 2018-07-01:
- adjusted ranking formula active now:

Update 2018-05-17:
- implemented "Champions of the Day" Sidebar Box
calculation for last day = 24h period:
Total Points / Number of games ... with a minimum of 6 games

Update 2018-05-16:
- ranking list reduced to players with a minimum of 3 games played.

Update 2018-02-09:
- minor bugfix for ranking table view: players who login with an additional "space" character by mistake are now found in table view.

Update 2017-11-03:
- client v1.1.2 now available under download section - changelog updated

Update 2017-08-27:
- game-server updated to v1.1.2 - changelog and client-update release will follow soon

Update 2017-08-27:
- site update to newest joomla & kunena forum version - please report any bugs ;)

Update 2017-07-28:
- spectator tool now has a new link and it's own subdomain due to some SEO redirect changes:

Update 2017-06-10:
- Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Vimeo now allowed in chatbox. Thx to sp0ck and Knorr MC :kiss:

Update 2017-05-23:
- removed annoying google ads on ranking site - on some mobile screen resolutions a few things were unreadable due to ad overlays. Thx to Knorr MC for pointing it out! :woohoo:

Update 2017-04-23:
- final rank and basic information for historical season on profile page implemented

Update 2017-04-22:
- bugfix gaming table: usernames with ending white spaces did not show up - usernames are trimmed now - affected players are informed by email

Update 2017-03-19:
- pagination in forum optimized for mobile devices = 5 page numbers instead of 10 displayed now
- game_id = 0 bug propably fixed - utf8 encoding issue with table names

Update 2017-03-11:
- bugfix games history: games didnt show up if a player was in a game, which had not been correctly recorded in database (game_id = 0 games)

Update 2017-03-04:
- chat rules (re-)published:

Update 2017-02-28:
- site with available emoticons and their characters published:
- profile stats page: you can now click on more/all games to show the rest of the games played in the running season

Update 2017-02-11:
- important bugfix for contradiction on leaderboard ranking position and profile stats page rank position due to not excluded deleted players

Update 2017-02-05:
- minor bugfix in the account delete feature - thx to (former) Dragonfly to point out the error :)

Update 2017-02-02:
- added profile link to logout box
- added account delete feature/-button on profile site

Update 2017-02-01:
- season reset done - new ranking formula is active now! :)

Update 2017-01-29:
- There will be a season reset on 2017-02-01 and the new season will have a new ranking

Update 2017-01-15:
- we do offer now an all-in-one voice and text chat server - feel free to take a look ;)

Update 2017-01-11:
- shortened/rewritten urls for signature and profile stats page because it can lead to too long forum signatures:
you can now use:
  • https:/
  • https:/
  • full bb-code example:

    Update 2017-01-09:
    - boehmi joined dev team now - although not a "real" coder - we take advantage of his ranking calc skills figuring out a new rank system next weeks B) ty boehmi!

    Update 2017-01-09:
    - dynamic signatures added - you can now use the following img-src for your own bb-code signature:
    ... just replace with your username
    - full bb-code example:

    Update 2017-01-07:
    - kunena forum component updated to v5.0.5

    Update 2017-01-06:
    - renamed this topic - "new" mark for updates in this topic now in latest posts sidebar block

    Update 2017-01-05:
    - registration: filtering "bad words" for usernames now

    Update 2017-01-02:
    - enabled ssl encryption - every posted data is now transfered encrypted

    Update 2016-12-31:

    supernoob wrote: Just to clarify:

    There will be no season reset on January 1st.
    It is also likely that the current season ends when we introduce a new ranking system (which we hope to do in the near future)

    Update 2016-12-27:
    - game table now sortable

    Update 2016-12-25:
    - forum profile edit: gender and location now synchronized with game account

    Update 2016-12-22:
    - leaderboard: dynamical autocomplete function for usersearch

    Update 2016-12-21:
    - breadcrumbs implemented
    - profile stats page: better integration of avatar

    Update 2016-12-20:
    - profile stats page: chart colors again
    - gender icons implemented, flags and gender now with hover tooltip

    Update 2016-12-19:
    - profile stats page: displaying avatar image, chart colors and font size adjusted

    Update 2016-12-17:
    - game table view implemented - clicking on a player-nickname in game now opens a website with an overview
    - game history (last 20 games) implemented in profile stats view

    Update 2016-12-14:
    - country flag and gender added to leaderboard and profile page

    Update 2016-12-10:
    - season & all-time info added - chart graphics

    Update 2016-12-09:
    - First basic draft of profile statistics page when you click on a playername in ranking leaderboard-table
    NOTE: this is really a first very basic draft - more info like chart-graphics, etc. will follow soon :)

    Update 2016-12-08:
    - Forum Profile Edit - changing password is now synchronized with game account password
    - Password Reset function is now synchronized with game account password

    Update 2016-12-07:
    - proper pagination for ranking-leaderboard implemented

    Update 2016-12-05:
    - A fresh help information for registration / account activation process is available:

    Update 2016-12-04:
    - The spectator tool works again with the new server:

    Update 2016-12-03:
    - A first version of a basic ranking view is available on

    Update 2016-12-02:
    - The avatars are back on the new login-server

    Update 2016-11-29:
    - Infos concerning the new team in this thread:

    Hello Community!

    In this post we would like to tell you a few details about our progress.
    As you can see, we are done now with the new login system!
    We also made progress with the ranking, but are not fully done yet.
    The important part about the ranking is that the games that you play now
    are already being recorded in the database.
    In other words: your games count!
    As already mentioned in the article on the front page, this ranking is in beta state.

    We just have to code the website, that actually displays the ranking,
    right now the ranking is in the database (invisible for you).
    We are also working on a profile page for each player.

    Two features of PokerTH do not work yet:
    - the player avatars
    - the spectator tool

    But be assured that we are working on these issues and that you can enjoy them in the future!

    Happy Playing,
    Your PokerTH Team

    everything is a question of organisation.
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    28 Nov 2016 22:36 #35108 by Ghost__
    Ghost__ replied.
    Thank you for your good work
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    28 Nov 2016 22:43 #35109 by sp0ck
    sp0ck replied.
    It might be a good idea to delete the old serverlist from cache:





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    29 Nov 2016 01:57 - 29 Nov 2016 02:03 #35117 by babelkot
    babelkot replied.
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    29 Nov 2016 02:20 #35118 by Ghost__
    Ghost__ replied.
    The alternative surfer works DANKE
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    • Luca ZZZ
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    29 Nov 2016 11:44 #35119 by Luca ZZZ
    Luca ZZZ replied.
    Hi, I still can't access the game -ACCESS DENIED- i've used the same password and nickname i used to enter here, i've also deleted the serverlist.xml file from cache in appdata. Should i do somethin' else?Thanks.
    Sorry if this post is a double but i wrote about 5 minutes ago and didnt see it.

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