Topic-icon Rocky repeatedly insults players

15 Feb 2018 22:41 #39981 by RFBurton
RFBurton replied.
Jeez Hawne - Hard to decide where to start.
First, I enjoy playing pokerTH with you. And with rocky.
You can just block his chat if you don't like it. I've blocked several people and find that it makes games they are in much more pleasant, to not utilize this useful tool is downright silly.
But bragging (and yes, you were) that you "got him banned" on two previous occasions is flat out petulant and guaranteed to get just the reaction you knew it would. I wonder how threatening another player would go over in a genuine casino?

I get tired very quickly of the "Fuck you", "Suck me", and "Fuck your mother" remarks that are common here but I've never felt the need to "tell the teacher" and I'm wondering why you do.

Yeah, rocky's table talk would get him (AND many, many others) booted at a high stakes, real money game. But this ain't that. Look at it as a bunch of buddies knocking back a few beers while playing some cards and I think you will enjoy it more, the world has enough policemen.
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19 Feb 2018 20:55 #40010 by Hawne
Hawne replied.
Hi RFBuirton,

and sorry but I stopped at "tell the teacher". Mostly.

To me this isn't a bunch of buddies knocking a few beers, for buddies are co-opted and share laughs and good will. This is a public place where people can play poker and to me no, they aren't allowed to rave and insult whenever they feel like it.

So the place needs to be - not policed as you stated but moderated, and as there are no active moderators shutting out rudeness as it happens this has to be done by the users, to get and keep the place clean.And sadly, considering the amount of rudeness and thrown tantrums, this can only be done by enforcing the simple rules of politeness and respect.

I also enjoy playing with you, but I don't like the way you twisted facts in your comments. This is no police operation, nor crying out to the teacher. This is preventing aggression and foul play.
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