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14 Jan 2019 14:16 #42571 by superlep
superlep replied.
I thought the way qtwasm was the easiest: pass the coding c ++ directly to the wasm compiler, but I found errors and then I stopped. I also folded on QML. But not having the ideological structure of the software I was thinking of asking if you had it. I understand that I can debug and extrapolate it, but in order to quickly make a client project separate from the server project without wasting too much time in understanding and used libraries.

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15 Jan 2019 14:01 #42579 by tahr
tahr replied.
Hi superlep,

I can't understand what are you trying to do.
I seriously doubt that you can use a compiler to create a web client for PokerTH based on its c++ code. There are too many dependencies and libraries. I guess it's too much complicated. Good luck ;)
Take a look at wiki to find out its dependencies:

As I said, if you want to create a web client for PokerTH, I would start from spectator tool (which is already some kind of web client, but you can't play... just watch), and give them all functionality to play. It's written in javascript.

Regarding structure about c++ client, it think it'd be better that you just ask specific questions, and we try to help, if we can.

Keep in mind that original game developers left project a couple of years ago.
Nowadays, sp0ck, boehmi and me, are responsible to maintain everything related with PokerTH alive (game, server, DB, forum, rankings, etc.), but our knowledge of c++ is limited.
So, we might not answer all your questions.

Just a very small introduction about structure of c++ game (github stable version):
  • data: contains static external data such as graphics, sounds, translations,...
  • *.pro: Qt qmake projects
  • *.proto: Protobuf communication messages
  • src/conf: reads/writes pokerth.xml config file
  • src/core: base classes for thread support, logging and cryptography
  • src/db: fake DB for compilation purposes (it does not uses DB)
  • src/dbofficial: server DB services
  • src/engine: Poker engine. These classes contains everything related with poker game: rules, betting rounds, bets, etc.
  • src/gui: GUI related classes. Strongly based on Qt Widgets: windows, controls, components, etc.
  • src/net: all network related classes: ASIO, websocket, client/server communication messages, uploads, downloads, etc.
  • src/thridparty: external header-based libraries: websockets, boost, protobuf & sqlite.

If you really want to turn c++ client into web client, you should focus into (client section), which is the qmake PRO file to compile and build c++ client. Wiki explains it better.

I can't help with spectator structure, but I guess it's focused on handle protobuf messages from server, These messages contains all communication data between client and server. To turn it into a true client, you'll have to handle client messages to server, too.


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05 Mar 2019 15:19 #42934 by tmo793
tmo793 replied.
Not sure if this is of much help, but I stumbled across this tonight which might help you figure stuff out from a different angle. It's a python implementation of the PokerTH protocol. It looks like it hasn't been touched since 2016, and not everything has been implemented, but it's something *shrug*

A common feature request is an interface that can be scaled. Even if it's just a dirty hack to double the pixel size. This is what I was looking for tonight when I stumbled across this, but I don't think I can be bothered creating my own client just to make it easier on my eyes in high resolution.

Good luck
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07 Mar 2019 16:37 #42950 by tahr
tahr replied.
Hi tmo793,

Did not know anything of that port of PokerTH coded in python. Thanks for sharing ;)
Looks interesting, but as you said it is incomplete.

Regarding scaling, we built a couple of versions with HDPI support for testing purposes that should fix the problem with huge resolutions. We didn't build an "official" release yet, because we didn't get enough feedback if it works on every display.

There are only two versions built: for Windows and Linux, both 64bit. Check this post:

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10 Mar 2019 08:30 #42969 by foamsurfer
foamsurfer replied.
My "dirty hack" to scale the pth interface (in linux) is running a bash script with the following:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.5 pokerth

Using "1.5" as the scale factor fits my resolution nicely but you can experiment with any value. Hopefully, a similar script can be run in windows. To further simplify things, I also mapped a keyboard shortcut to the script (to avoid going to the command line to start the game).

I had seen the "font is too small" topic before and meant to reply but forgot. Hope this helps.


More info on scaling can be found here:
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