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14 Jun 2020 20:59 #46884 by blazerbob57
blazerbob57 replied.
The NOOPSTER does! lol

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15 Jun 2020 12:42 #46891 by LiLaLux
LiLaLux replied.
My little recommendation for all playing poker here, read foamie's lines and have fun!

foamie wrote:

DenTricky wrote: For me this so fancy.

Ok, this is going to take a while (too much free time on my hands today), so bear with me if you really must know the truth...

Ode to the Bingo

What you have recently discovered is a rebel group known, unofficially, as "bingos", and, pejoratively (by the people who despise them out of sheer incomprehension and jealousy), as river players or all-in "donks".

These revolutionaries have perfected the art of winning by the sheer luck of getting to the river at all costs, either going all-in preflop or employing the bluff&call with anything master strategy, unleashing the obligatory all-in river bluff technique if all else fails.

These beings' sole mission in life is to bring card justice and equality to the pTH galaxy ("all cards matter!"), thus ending the high cards/pair preflop supremacy and reign of terror.

Their motto is "in (pTH) poker, on any given (sun)day, a donk can become king!" and they can go to extreme lengths to prove their truths: 1) Oh... an AK suited? I raise you my 92 unsuited you noob! [OR] 2) Ah! AA unsuited? Take this 26 suited all-in baby! (true story, here's proof! ).

The strength of their beliefs resides in the "lucker force" of the pTH randomness algorithm... play pTH at any time and you will see this magical mysterious force at work. "May the flush be with you" is at the core of this belief system.

Lately, however, there's been a crackdown on the poor bingos by the evil emperor (a Vulcan mind you), and his merry band of pesky admins, imposing the cruel and unjust 4-in-1 martial law. Now, bingos can only play up to 4 ranking games per hour!

After 3 majestic but unsuccessful all-in bingos, these creatures must either resign themselves to play a boring (serious) game or risk having to forcefully sit out for the next hour (with no free poker!) if they lose at their next all-in bingo.

Such a crushing imposition has been a serious blow to bingo aspirations, and their numbers have since dwindled, but still they resist and persist.

Therefore, it is now up to the bingo runners/callers (a specialized class of highly unpaid assassin bots), to hunt down and kill the remaining bingos by all means necessary. These ruthless killers are usually identified by their (fake/rigged) high pTH ranking.

If, still, you want something resembling a "real" poker game (if there is such a thing), find and play on any table where these fake humans play. And with some luck and perseverance you could one day also become an agent of the empire, a trained bot tasked to hunt down and kill all bingos.

If, on the other hand, after reading this, you became a believer in the cause, join us and...

LIVE FREE OR DIE BINGO(ing)! :cheer: ;) :P

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“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
M. Twain
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15 Jun 2020 14:26 #46892 by noopy
noopy replied.
Also works on PokerStars 1.0
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The following user(s) said Thank You: All Inn IDOIT

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15 Jun 2020 22:12 #46894 by israelac
israelac replied.
we now have more bugs in this topic?

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