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QT 5 for android: (
Android NDK toolset r13b (
JDK v7+
ant 1.8+
CMOSS is a set of libraries built for android.
To get CMOSS and build them:
$ git clone
$ cd cmoss/build-droid/
$ ./ [NDK_DIRECTORY] ## (eg: ./ ~/android/android-ndk-r13b)
This process could lauch some errors. It's possible one has to manually modify some variables in Good luck ;)
Important note: ndk version should be r13b as the cmoss libs build best with it.
If don't have wine installed ( there are two options:
Install it ;)
Get protoc for windows:, and extract it in PokerTH source directory. Then, rename protoc-2.4.1.exe to protoc.exe. Note that build for protobuf shall fail, but it's not a big deal. Just ignore it.
oSome steps...
Check your protoc version ($ protoc --version)
Edit and replace [export PROTOBUF_VERSION="2.4.1"] for [export PROTOBUF_VERSION="your protoc version"]
Edit and replace for in ./configure command
Edit and remove "wine" from android entry
Depending on your device, might be usefull to edit and replace:
o[export ARM_TARGET="armv5"] for [export ARM_TARGET="armv7"]. Make sure your android device is able to run with armv-7 architecture before switch. If you are not sure, just leave "armv5". See later note in compilation process (*)
o[export ANDROID_API_LEVEL="9"] for [export ANDROID_API_LEVEL="<NDK_VERSION>"], where <NDK_VERSION> is your ANDROID NDK version.
Get code
Same as version for Linux
set ANDROID_NDK_ROOT variable to its directory. E.g.:
$ export ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=~/android/android-ndk-r13b
Run qmake for Android and make. E.g:
$ ~/Qt/Qt5.7.1/5.7/android_armv7/bin/qmake CONFIG+="client gui_800x480" PREFIX+="[CMOSS_DIRECTORY]/bin/droid" -spec android-g++
$ make
Once finished, ./ must be created

If Qt for Android is different than 5.7.1, you have to correct some files, replacing [#include "QtGui/5.7.1/..."] for the aproppiate version you donwloaded, in following files:


(*) If you modified ARM architecture when compiling CMOSS (from armv5 to armv7), before running qmake and make you have to replace in from:

LIBPATH += $${PREFIX}/lib/armv5
LIB_DIRS = $${PREFIX}/lib/armv5


LIBPATH += $${PREFIX}/lib/armv7
LIB_DIRS = $${PREFIX}/lib/armv7

Get Android SDK
Download "" (or newer) and uncompress in any folder
Get SDK:
$ cd tools_r25.2.3-linux/tools
$ ./android
A GUI application will be launched to select tools and versions to be installed. Install, at least:
From Tools: Android SDK Tools; Android SDK Build-tools; Android SDK Platform-tools
Full Android SDK v5.1.1 (API 22) or newer
Build APK
First, edit file to set the appropriate SDK location, for instance:
"sdk": "~/android/tools_r25.2.3-linux",
Set JAVA_HOME and append javac to PATH
$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle
$ export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
Build APK:
$ make install INSTALL_ROOT=./bin/
$ ~/Qt/Qt5.7.1/5.7/android_armv7/bin/androiddeployqt --input \
--output ./bin --deployment bundled --android-platform android-22 --jdk /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle --ant /usr/bin/ant
APK should be created in ./bin/bin/QtApp-debug.apk

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