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02 Apr 2020 23:51 - 03 Apr 2020 02:09 #45797 by apia
apia created the topic: ***
i never want to cross this guy again !
he looses he bans you ? what is this circus ???
this guy needs an hospital, do not feed his crazyness
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02 Apr 2020 23:52 #45798 by apia
apia replied.
now i understand doc
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03 Apr 2020 02:06 #45800 by boehmi
boehmi replied.
you asked for it, here's your monologue from the game
Silver Rose: hi all fiends ... gg gl
Silver Rose: nh
Silver Rose: nh
Silver Rose: nh
furie666: nh
Silver Rose: good fighting game 
Silver Rose: YOU win I lose 
boehmi: loool
boehmi: ty
boehmi: bb
Silver Rose: just playing Grokly hand tyty 
Silver Rose: vn for Old times sake 
Silver Rose: grt tybb 
apia: doitux game, boehmi ! nothing will never change
boehmi: what are you trying to tell me?
apia: kq autofold 
apia: never bore boehmi 
apia: qqq
apia: with k
apia: i'm telling u boehmi that i'm just gonna autofold till 4th this season
boehmi: gl
apia: as Nelly told me ! you remember Nelly ? she doesn't play anymore
apia: as the constant cheatery bored anyone unless wenkers and doitux and u !!!
apia: whens will u understand ?
boehmi: why is autofold cheating?
apia: i'm haapy to see u boehmi let's talk
apia: i'm gonna be exluded
boehmi: i will ban you if you keep insulting players
apia: boehmi: ok ban ! the only thing u'r able tod o
apia: profite of ur power
boehmi: respect the chat rules and play
apia: we are so many palyers no ?
boehmi: what's wrong with you trolls? Why are you even here?
apia: u'r really an absolute stupid wenker
apia: i ignore u now
apia: A flush
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