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26 Jul 2013 13:24 #15669 by holger
holger replied.
Oh yeah, even Aces full of Kings may not be the nuts sometimes ;)

Here's one that happened to me last night: I was pretty much behind with my stack, so I when in SB, I limped with A3o into an unraised pot with 6 players. Flop comes AKK. I put in a minimum bet, three callers, no raise. Another Ace on the turn. Obvious all-in? I thought it was, though I knew I didn't have the nuts. I get a call and see kings.

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06 May 2014 15:16 #21458 by KYFHO
KYFHO replied.
Last night I was playing a game and a user was complaining that the last to act person did not raise the bet. I tried to explain that the software doesn't care or punish the player for not raising when they have the nuts so most people don't know about it.

Is there plans to add a rule that you must act if you are last to act and have the nuts? Stop the player for playing for a few hands.
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