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11 Jul 2017 23:03 - 11 Jul 2017 23:11 #38145 by Furrball
Furrball replied.
This rule applies specifically to the late stages of a tournament,
when you're five-to-three-handed and the blinds are high. As you
probably know, aggressive play is always the key to success, no
matter what. So, if you're holding a big pair (say, tens to aces),
shoving all the chips into the pot from any position MUST become
a form of Pavlovian conditioning for the successful player. Don't
absolutely mind that maybe a couple other players already shipped
all their last chips and would be at risk, and that someone who's
still in the pot actually COVERS YOU and may eliminate you should
he dare calling: you'll die the fighter's death anyway, and rest in
peace, sure that nobody will ever call you a chicken. Donkeys, after
all, are a totally different taxonomic class...

Here's an example where things went gloriously bad for the second stack at the table (that'd be [cough] me), who saw two queens and happily jumped into the abyss, earning himself a third-place finish and... a Darwin Award:

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16 Jul 2017 23:11 - 16 Jul 2017 23:22 #38191 by Furrball
Furrball replied.
You know, probably you can find that in poker books, or find
out seeing people play on TV: if you have a very good hand
which is below aces, and someone is all in with his/her last
chips in front of you, and you have few players to call behind,
then in theory you should ALSO shove, to discourage them
from calling and stand a better chance to win the rest of the
dwindling player's chips. But, in reality, in 98.7% of cases, it
will turn out one of the few players (especially if there's just
one behind you) will have a top-tier hand like jacks or better,
most frequently two aces (even if you're holding AK and one
of the aces).

Here's the usual example, where one of the last two players to act (I was on the dealer, he was on the small blind) strangely held only jacks, instead of the usual two aces. Not that that'd matter because we ended up splitting the pot, as fate decided to help the poor souls in the hand by putting a straight on the board, for which the jacks' player was particularly grateful.

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01 Aug 2017 23:15 #38336 by KYFHO
KYFHO replied.


This applies to live MTT play.

I have heard this both ways, try to isolate a player to get their chips, you are after trying to get every player's chips.

I have also heard not to do it, specifically around the bubble. The more players in a hand the better chance to knock out the all-in player and get closer to breaking the bubble.
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