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24 Jun 2013 21:51 - 16 Jul 2013 19:39 #15007 by I-knew-it
I-knew-it created the topic: FTC : Fibonacci Tuesday Cup
Hey all ! Ciao a tutti ! Bonjour à tous ! (no german, sorry :blush: )

I would like to create a new cup which will be open to everyone that is fairplay, cool and friendly. ;)

For the moment, it's a project but i would love to see it growing and becoming a real new cup.
I have been really impressed by the friendly PokerTH community and i would like to be a part of it. I also thought, you have to create something, not only to play.

Why the Fibonacci Cup ?

I want to call this cup the Fibonacci Cup for different reasons :
  1. Fibonacci was a great mathematician
  2. He was born in Pisa, where i have ate the best pizza of my life
  3. He gives his name to a wonderfull mathematical following
  4. And finally, i find this name very class :D

Another reason ?

The mathematical serie of Fibonacci will help me to create a ranking for the CUP.
Having 10 players per table, the points will be distributed this way :
  1. 34 points
  2. 21 points
  3. 13 points
  4. 8 points
  5. 5 points
  6. 3 points
  7. 2 points
  8. 1 points
  9. 1 points
  10. 0 point
;) [ Click to expand ]

When ?

I project to have the cup played weekly, on the tuesday evening.
Inscription will be opened during the monday.

Structure of the Cup

For the moment, and thanks to Nelly advices (others advices are really welcome), i would like to give this structure to the Cup:

During 5 weeks, on each Tuesday evening : 1 qualification's table of 10 players.

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

On the 6th week, the final including the 1th and 2nd of each qualification.

Someone not here ? [ Click to expand ]

The winner of the final will receive The Fibonacci Thuesday Cup (surprise...)
Every participants will be included in a ranking table generated using the points they win on each table

How to participate ?

Participations will be obtained using the website

I will work this week for creating some graphics and a logo for the CUP.
People who wants to help and give their opinion are welcome here.

See you soon

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24 Jun 2013 21:51 - 26 Jun 2013 15:26 #15008 by I-knew-it
I-knew-it replied.
(Traduzione del primo messagio - Translation of the first message - Traduction du premier message)

Ciao a tutti ! Bonjour à tous !

IT: Voglio fare una nuova cupa operta a tutti persone che sonno fair-play é gentile! ;)
FR: Je voudrais créer une nouvelle coupe qui sera ouverte à toutes les personnes fair-play, cool et sympa ! ;)

IT: Per il momento, e un projeto, pero mi piace imaginare questo projeto venire una vera cupa.
FR: Pour le moment, c'est encore un projet mais j'aimerais le voir grandir et devenir une vraie coupe.

IT: Sono veramente impressato per la comunita di PokerTH e voglio essere una nuova partita.
Alora ho pensato : devi fare qualcosa, une creazione, no sole giocare.
FR: J'ai été vraiment impressionné par la communauté de PokerTH, toujours très sympathique et j'aimerais en faire partie. J'ai donc pensé : tu dois apporter quelque chose, pas seulement jouer.

IT: Perqué la Fibonacci Cupa ?
FR: Pourquoi la Coupe Fibonacci ?

IT: Voglio chiamare questa cupa, la cupa Fibonacci per diverse ragione :
FR: Je veux appeler cette coupe ainsi pour différentes raisons :

IT: Fibonacci era un grande mathematico (?)
FR: Fibonacci était un grand mathématicien

IT: Lui é nato a Pisa, la citta dove ho mangato la migliore pizza della mia vita ( é vero, pero un altra buonissima anche dalla Puglia... )
FR: Il est né à Pise où j'ai mangé la meilleure pizza de ma vie !

IT: Ha donato il suo nomo a un belisima serie mathematica
FR: Il a donné son nom a une superbe suite mathématique

IT: Finalmente, credo che questo nomo é veramente "class" !!!
FR: Enfin, je trouve ce nom très classe !!!

IT: Un'altra ragione ?
FR: Une autre raison ?

IT: La serie mathematica di Fibonacci puo mi aitare per fare una graduatoria
Con 10 personne alla tavola :
FR: Cette serie formidable peut m'aider pour classer les joueurs de la coupe, les points d'une table de 10 joueurs seraient répartis ainsi :

34 points (un point = un punto , deux points = due punti )
21 points
13 points
8 points
5 points
3 points
2 points
1 points
1 points
0 point

IT: Quando ?
FR: Quand ?

IT: Voglio avere la Cupa ogni setimana, la sera del martedi. Con registrazione durante la giornata del lunedi.
FR: La coupe se jouerait chaque mardi soir avec des inscriptions durant la journée du lundi

IT: Vado lavorare sta setimana per fare un logo graphico per la Cupa.
Le persone che volanno aiutare o donare un'opinion sonno benvenuti ;)
FR: Je vais travailler cette semaine pour donner quelques graphiques à cette coupe.
Les personnes qui veulent aider ou donner leurs opinions sont les bienvenues ;)


PS : Se un Italiano puo donare una migliore traduzzione sensa errore... io facio un bacio !! ;)

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24 Jun 2013 21:55 #15009 by Paolo ITA
Paolo ITA replied.

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24 Jun 2013 21:58 #15010 by I-knew-it
I-knew-it replied.
Vado fare la traduzzione per Italiani stasera o domani... patienza ! :P

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24 Jun 2013 22:28 #15020 by jcwarriorOBb
jcwarriorOBb replied.
Hey, I like the Cup proposal and the ranking point scheme is very interesting.

Is this ranking point scheme the only one considered? What about assigning points as follows:
  1. 34
  2. 21
  3. 13
  4. 8
  5. 5
  6. 3
  7. 2
  8. 1
  9. 1
  10. 0

With this proposed ranking scheme we keep the Fibonacci sequence, and at the same time we avoid having a huge difference between the first an last places in the table.

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24 Jun 2013 22:52 #15022 by I-knew-it
I-knew-it replied.
Yes, your idea is good, i will change this certainly.
Thank you for this proposal.

Will you be interested to play this cup when it will be created ?

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