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07 Aug 2013 02:08 - 07 Aug 2013 02:42 #15964 by jcwarriorOBb
jcwarriorOBb replied.
The name of the event
Well, you already know my proposal, and yes Fibonacci must stay in the name. I initially proposed to call it "Fibonacci Cup", just excluding Tuesday from it but doesn't have to be that way.

I-knew-it said: "This will depends on our final structure, admins disponibilities, etc."

Sure I-knew-it, first things first. I was thinking that qualification rounds should be on tuesday.

How many tables?
Not only how many admins, but how many players join. For every 10 players we need to have at least one admin. If one of them is missing, we need a substitute. If we get rid of the "one player per table" restriction, we can reuse admins. We should wait and see how many players subscribe for a day event, and depending on that we may choose to open more than one table. We must be sure that every table has one competent admin as defined in my previous post.

How many tables per tournament. I am not sure about this. Maybe qualification rounds should last between 4 and 6 weeks with an arbitrary number of tables run. We would the use the accumulated points of each player to determine who gets to the next round.

The table settings
I do like your proposal for the new table settings. As for the hand and delay times, I have used a configuration of 10/7. I used it for table 1 and it worked fine. Fibonacci numbers need not to be here, but if we were to use an alternartive that uses the Fibonacci numbers I would like to use 13/8. Other configurations like 11/7, 10/7, 9/7 or 8/8 are acceptable although the last one is a bit low.

Cup or championship?
I do not want to copy either. What would be the best way to make it unique? Be aware that we have limited resources. Players may subscribe but if they do not join we cannot organize anything. You will have to read my proposal below.

How to create a reliable championship?
We should not try to make our poker championship similar to another sport championship. Championships should be short in their timespans.

I was thinking in splitting the Fibonacci Cup (or Championship, or Series) in two parts:
  • First the qualification rounds: We let players subscribe to our events for whatever day we choose to start it (tuesdays as always?) and we open tables depending on the amount of players and admins available that day. We are more dependent on the number of players available than in the number of players subscribed. Subscribed players often don't show themselves. For example, if there are 25 players subscribed (I am being optimistic), we can open 2 tables with 10 players each, and consider the other 5 as substitutes. Should we try our best to keep tables full with ten players? This qualification rounds should be done weekly for a period between 4 to 6 weeks

  • Elimination rounds: Here is where I try to make things totally different. I thought that having 3 final tables is too much for a tournament that started with 5 tables. By doing so we are letting a lot of people to get to the second round. What is the merit on that? This is one of the things that made me feel uncomfortable and merited some questions via private messages remember? I previously said that we should use the accumulated points of each player to determine who gets to the next round. By using the point system, we reward the most active players and also those that are getting good results. We don't put them in the next round just because they won a table (oh yes, that includes me). We put them in the next round because they participate, and they are willing to compete for the points. Ok then. So what do we do with this players? We can put them all in a single final table or if we really want to introduce innovation we could make it a heads up challenge. The 8 players with the most acumulated points would be qualified for this. We could call this elimination rounds Fibonacci Heads Up Challenge. This could be an integral part of the tournament. This would make the tournament unique.

For how long time must run a Championship?
Are you thinking that a poker tournament or championship should last months? I was thinking in just a few days! In my humble opinion, making it last that long is going to do little to keep people interested in it. Besides, real poker championships only last a few days as well. Our Official Monthly Cups only last one day and are done once every month. Other PokerTH events have a span of 1 month aprox. WEC is a daily event, and every month there are semifinals and finals. BBC works different, but aproximately every 5 weeks there is a final or Step 3 table. Other community events like French Folies and the Confederations Cup needed only one day.

I agree that we should not try to copy them, but proposing a timespan of 4 months looks way too long for me. Maybe we just need a 4 - 6 weeks int the qualification rounds and 1 or 2 days in the heads up eliminations.

I we use my heads up proposal, we shorten the time of the tournament, we use the points, we allow players to repeat tables as much as they want on the qualification rounds, and we then force elimination in the limited places of the second phase.

I know it is a drastic change, but I believe it is the right way to go. Please tell me what you think.

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07 Aug 2013 05:28 - 07 Aug 2013 06:08 #15965 by darts501
darts501 replied.
Holy Guacamoli!!!! :woohoo: jcwarriorOBb you really have come up with OUTSTANDING proposals. By reading this post I am impressed not only with your ideas but that you have thought out and spent a good amount of time expressing yourself -IMHO-
I definitely agree with how long should a "championship" last = short. 13/8 makes a long game and again, where are the players? I inscribe daily in BBC yet sometimes the admins will invite almost anyone on the idle list: In fact, that's how I started! The first invite I refused as I did not know what the heck I was invited to. I mentioned this to my friend krrreuh and he said accept if offered again. So, now I'm a 'regular'. After the near death of BBC, we often have 2 tables lately and substitutes. We recently restarted a game because I player got disconnected and he got upset and doesn't want to play anymore. I happened to me also because I was concentrating on cards and not chat box-my bad :unsure: , but what the heck, another game next day! ;)
Back to Fabinocci, this has to be posted in lobby to lead players to the FORUM site that has clear and accurate description. Big problem!! :blink: Let's just take this topic as an example--how many are reading it and responding? hmm a handful if that? The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming community of pokerth DO NOT read, nor post. A few people have the capablitity of administering a game, btw Nelly showed me the page-interesting-but again, I do not keep logs. I am retired with multiple physical handicaps and In fact at this time still only have one usable hand and I do not keep logs. I play to have fun and keep my mind occupied so I don't lose my sanity :laugh: You have posted and proposed a carefully thought out plan of action. SUPER! Bottom line again, where are the players? The original proposal of FTC was good and both you and I really knew what it was all about, BUT what happened in game 3??? As I've offered before, once something is concrete and simple, I will post whenever online like aaspix posts the youtube vidoes. BTW most views of avatars was dismal. :(
Round Robin with point accumation to advance is another suggestion and only because I've been an organizer and league administrator and multiple capt of teams - different sport but set up is same. All players advance, by legs and gain points of several legs to win match. Usually start with about 172 players. When player reaches certain amount of matches AND legs won, they move on to quarter finals. I'll reverse it now.. Winner wins the semifinals -2 players, quarter finals is 16 player, 8 matches and most matches and legs of them allows to go to semi- big time $$$$. Sometimes in charity league 'luck of the draw' the game can last forever, so it's a one and done deal. Whomever keeps winning moves on till defeat and victor still continues with one and done rather than 2 of 3.
Why do I bring this up? Uncertain tables with uncertain players. WEC uses that system in monthly quarters and semis with 1 V 1 games, 2 of 3. My playing opponent GAVOIS was sad or annoyed he lost the semis. I told him to be happy that he made the semis.
Summary, great ideas, lots of thought, but you cannot play a game without players. FTC2 was outrageously lucky day for , AAx6, AAAA, killed 5 players with other than AA hands and I learned next game for me would be 3 weeks later to play on Gold Table for hmmm FTC6. I think we need more heads involved than I-knew-it, yourself and me. But again, basic problem, players don't read or post. From what I see from idle position is same name appear within 5 minutes for new game and 4 or 5 games in a row after. These are not players, they are fools, all in game after game-disrupters to say the least. Dedicated players are what we need my friend, and a lot more heads to contribute. Sadly, I am not optimistic, but have hope. Anything can happen but it has to be simple and accurate and not spread out over a long period of time. Great post jc ;)

The following user(s) said Thank You: Emmeler, jcwarriorOBb, I-knew-it, Ghost__

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07 Aug 2013 20:56 #15984 by I-knew-it
I-knew-it replied.

First of all, i want to say thank you to MasterG84 cause i'm now a reaaly cool guy B)


Thanks a million for your nice post, really clear and accurate.
You seem to have a very precise idea on how must this event be ruled.

Can you describe us a full chronology of the event ?

This would be appreciated, not only by me, but also by many people who don't have such a good english as you have B)


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07 Aug 2013 21:30 #15990 by Paolo ITA
Paolo ITA replied.
Bad english? Here I am!

Well i-Knew-it my English is poor, however, it seems to me that jcwarrior is trying to lend a hand without distorting the FTC. You've done a nice explanation of the name Fibonacci (mathematical sequence that is also used in some techniques roulette), and you've enjoyed the Italian pizza!!

Your is a nice idea, new, actually not easy to understand, however, different and exciting.

Let's hope so. You've done so much work, I hope it is rewarded. Many do not care, but there are people like Nelly, jcwarr and others that are available.



PS. I have my topic CUP read and commented on by a few thousand people. I also got tired of writing on it. I put also attached an idea like "cash game", in my opinion pretty, no one has commented. Amen!

Hello and good game to all

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08 Aug 2013 19:48 #16007 by jcwarriorOBb
jcwarriorOBb replied.
Hello darts501, I-knew-it and Paolo ITA:

Thanks to everyone for your comments but also special thanks for darts for posting his long and interesting reply. I wish I could give you a more detailed answer but these days I have been short on time.

Answering your question I-knew-it, I sure would like to give you the chronology you are asking, but it will have to wait a llttle bit. Lets see if I can find some time this weekend.

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08 Aug 2013 20:06 #16008 by I-knew-it
I-knew-it replied.
Hey !

Take your time, there is no hurry,


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