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08 Sep 2013 00:11 #16657 by GAVIOES
GAVIOES replied.
Hi Paolo ITA
you have good ideas
creat ur tournamant and post to the forum.
i will play...
I hope you have success.
see you
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08 Sep 2013 02:27 - 08 Sep 2013 02:39 #16660 by darts501
darts501 replied.
Ciao Paola ITA!
BBC = no strong rules to play but you can be invited or you can request an invite if players needed to tables not being filled.

WEC = there are ELIGIBITY rules: at least 3 seasons with 60% of your games in top four finishing - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
I think I am correct in this but not 100% sure - more knowledgeable players please feel free to correct

I have been invited to WEC games because I fall into a new rule called 'Veteran's Rule' and have been asked to play but I declined since M4N!4C informed me that I will be eligible in October.
Your ideas are good and I hope someday others will take notice and you have your ideas come into reality.


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08 Sep 2013 13:44 #16666 by Paolo ITA
Paolo ITA replied.
Hello. Thanks and thanks to Gaviões dart501 answers. The spieazioni are good dart. I'm more cups per month. Or for tournaments even more days but they have a logical sense. That is how the World Cup. There is a backboard and people must respect. If not lose by forfeit. But it is not even nice win for waiver of the opponent. The cups that with great effort monthly administrators create are beautiful. My ideas are more as a name. ITALY CUP. CUP GERMANY. CUP FRANCE. In short, domestic cups. Oppue a world cup well-organized. then there's my idea attached style cash game that I hope to be seen. The FTC that it was a good idea (complicated at first, after unfortunately did not have much success. Statao sorry because there was a lot of effort in describing and organizing it).

However, no problem. There are organizers and moderators who do a lot. I throw my ideas. I put my "small" commitment. If we can help you. Just call me!

Greetings to all

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08 Sep 2013 20:16 #16670 by Paolo ITA
Paolo ITA replied.
This was the initial idea

On the basis of belonging to the nation could be organized tables with participants of a single nation who win some sort of national cup (Italian Cup, Cup Spain Cup Germany). All this as official events.

Given that the vast majority of participants are from Europe during certain hours you could arrange a nice European Cup). Same mode as the "Lily Cup" (for example). All this as an official event.

Same way as other "my" ideas

In memory of some major character you could devote an official competition.

If you could do while free advertising (assuming it is enabled) in some sponsors to devote to it a cup.

These are all ideas I believe pretty. I do not know whether it is easy to do them. If it were it would be nice to publicize poker heroes for having a large number of participants.
Me with "Lily cup" I enjoyed it a lot.
The work of the staff I know it's unbelievable. And for this the thanks of all should go thereThis tournament called "Best player strategic cash" might be interesting to do if there is anyone who can physically put in place. I have attached a table in excel that best explains my idea. The idea is to have (in this case 40 member but in theory could be more) with an initial budget of $ 10,000. blind structure etc etc is the same as the usual games vaide for the classification. Only that once you stay in 5 players, the table is locked and you switch to the semifinals with the budget accumulated. Discourse same for the semi-final until you get to the final.

I attach the file to the idea cash

If you darts501 or Gaviões or at least those who read and may be interested in a similar idea .... so be it.

The cup heads up was lovely (apart from time). Bel tournament. Very well organized from the "usual magicians" of events. This mode cash is in my opinion a good idea because it forces the player to keep his budget and use it strategically.

Greetings to those who have dedicated some time.


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