Topic-icon March Tournament of Gruppopoker -Friday 31 From 10 p.m.-

31 Mar 2017 23:51 #36887 by jaqui
jaqui replied.
1) ElmoEGO
2) 827
3) Don_Vito
4) lorenzointer
5) ramon
6) Doc Ijiwaru.
Un bravissimo al vincitore ElmoEGO e bravi a tutti i finalisti.
Arrivederci al prossimo torneo di Aprile che si terrà il giorno venerdì 28 aprile sempre alle ore 22,00 in TH.
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01 Apr 2017 04:01 #36898 by sp0ck
sp0ck replied.

Bravo ElmoEGO.

et grazie for a nice cup ;)
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01 Apr 2017 17:09 #36900 by jaqui
jaqui replied.
Finally a tournament worthy of the name with a number of participants ranging be incremented making it more exciting.
My personal welcome newcomers with the hope that this number increases every month to give a flavor challenge worthy of the name.
This tournament in March can already impose new entrants to the table of the three finalists in six are occupied by them friends.
In first place it is qualified ElmoEgo in a final challenge with 827, two new entries, and that thanks to the points obtained respectively 23:17 are placed in the higher of the General Classification plans and precisely on the 5th and 7th place making it clear since immediately what they are made.
In third place ranking Don Vito with 12 points obtained touches a place in C. G. for a long time desired and finally obtained, that of the second place is certainly worth it for the beautiful games played in various tournaments.
Congratulations Don Vito. Fourth place lorenzointer, which with 8 points scored in this tournament in March, has established itself sitting in the golden throne of the first class of commanding from the C. G. The 5th place of the tournament was awarded to Ramon, who gets 5 points up for grabs as well and finished in 9th place of C. G. all in solitary.
The sixth place in the tournament was won by the third new entry, Doc ljiaru, seeing that awarded three points up for grabs, the salt C. G. until reaching the 13th place of said ranking. The next tournament in April promises even now a pretty tough tournament for those who aspire to the highest in the General Classification places, as the entrance, among other things pleasant, these new friends, makes very interesting tournament because few, if any He knows their style of play.
It is hoped that in the future others are added in order to make the General Classification increasingly intriguing.
Finally, I remind newcomers to read the rules regulating the tournament and to explain it to those who may have not understood it like a ghost that in Table 2 after allin and losing, it's off the table but instead waiting for end of the game, he still had the right and the ability to play the second match to enter the final table. I conclude by noting that it took just one absence by xanadu to be ousted it from the golden throne but, knowing him well, we know regain what he deserves.
My I greeting to all of you and congratulations again to the winners of the March tournament.

A hug from Gianni (catanese).
The following user(s) said Thank You: Ghost__, sp0ck

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