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05 Apr 2019 22:31 - 05 Apr 2019 22:41 #43133 by kingseagull
kingseagull created the topic: drop out from the game

I don't know whether it's bug or technical or whatever, but recently it's quite frequent, that when I join to
a game; my name appeares on the list of the joined, than a little while the board suddenly comes
up(sometimes list unfullfilled list, just 4-5 players on) and 4 or 5(or more) hands run down quickly in
double(or treble?)quick, so, that inpossible to interrvene, than the notice appeares, that I'll be quit from
the game if won't klick the button that I'm present.

Sometimes fired thogh button clicked, sometimes not. Changeable. But today I just saw my name and some others registered, than happuned nothing.
Page seemed as it frosen either, 'coz I couldn't leave befor it started(tough I didn't know whether it's started or not). After I couldn't help otherwise, I left
pokerth, than I registered again and seen that game started, but didn't offer to rejoine as sometimes
when interruptions occure.

Ok, I started a new game and I won. Than I seen that the one started with(or without?)
me is just going on. I waited till it ended, and looked up the scorepage, and what a surprise! I got the
10th place(I deserved :D ).

It's good for those, up for better ranking. Now I can work for a while to compensate
this. It's like a punishment from the pokerTH.

I feel, that something should be done to shun similar events.

Pokerstars asks money even for playmoney games so that's not the good solution. On PartyPoker I got
some chips, but that's not so frequented site(e.g the playmoney) so sometimes have to wait too much
for a game to start. And all other(2;willemhill, unibet) sites I'm on, I run out of money so the pokerTH
remains. Help needed.



Ps: the questioned game: Game Name: Goose (2019-04-05 19:43:03 - 2019-04-05 20:45:26): even is
missing from the logfile box!

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