Topic-icon Two accounts Fussel and Zezel are same person

06 Dec 2020 18:14 - 06 Dec 2020 18:25 #48477 by sp0ck
sp0ck replied.

Leopard2 wrote: I fully agree with v8guy.
Simple solution: The instant any of the usual suspects enters, I leave.
I'd rather play 9 bingoists.

I totally disagree! And if you do not trust in admin opinions - feel free to have fun with


... and stop posting these false claims when you're just watching - while admins have an insight into database - and me personally knowing a lot of players personally - esp. those friends who really like to spend time together - like I also do.

Thank you!!!

... locked.
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07 Dec 2020 19:08 - 07 Dec 2020 22:46 #48488 by sp0ck
sp0ck replied.
Thank you v8guy for an interesting game/dialogue:
Det: hi
Harry1: hallo
b0ssn00b: hello
b0ssn00b: v8guy: I heard you are cheating?
b0ssn00b: how you do that?
v8guy: I heard your mum does xxxxx for $10
(chat bot): v8guy: Warning! No racial, religious, sexually inflammatory or otherwise insulting language 
b0ssn00b: ?
b0ssn00b: How is your mum v8guy ?
v8guy: very dead
b0ssn00b: a pity
b0ssn00b: did she do, what you just wrote about my mum? Or why did you wrote that?=
v8guy: to get a reaction
b0ssn00b: aha
b0ssn00b: about the cheating... how you do it?
b0ssn00b: ?
b0ssn00b: I wouldn't tell my secrets either - I get you v8guy 
v8guy: IM writing bot
v8guy: you have an argument sure
v8guy: its no secret
v8guy: I use a platform called xxxxxxx
v8guy: google it
b0ssn00b: crazy
b0ssn00b: it works for this platform, too?
v8guy: any platform
v8guy: any casino
b0ssn00b: crazy
v8guy: you just make tablemap for scraper
b0ssn00b: I do get cheating for earning money. You use the bot here too?
v8guy: yu develop it here first
Daho1: ty
v8guy: why lose money on casino? fix problems here first right?
v8guy: been working on this bot for 2.5 years now
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08 Dec 2020 20:56 #48499 by boehmi
boehmi replied.

boehmi wrote: It could be that someone programmed a bot or changed his client so that it plays automatically like a computer opponent in a network game.

So I had the right feeling about v8guy 2 years ago. Funny, a cheater accuses others of cheating... :laugh:
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