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21 Aug 2020 22:55 - 21 Aug 2020 22:58 #47498 by Furrball
Furrball replied.
You can play solo there.
Actually, since nobody visits, it's the only thing you can do.
Create a limit table and invite some AI players: the "invite Mary Lou" button does that, it makes an AI join the table, it's called that way because Mary Lou is the name of the server.
The AIs are pretty much modeled around average fishy players but there are a few sharky ones as well.

But whatever... maybe I got the interface wrong, I don't know why nobody seems curious to try... two months and it'll be gone forever cos it costs 20 bucks a month to keep it alive and if nobody ever plays, it makes no sense to keep it up.

I repeat the address 'cos it's on the previous page now:

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21 Aug 2020 23:11 #47500 by israelac
israelac replied.

Furrball wrote: Well, I've got a server without players at and it's been up over a year, pretty much deserted. To the point that a couple months ago I had dismantled it, but when I came back here, several asked what happened to it, so I guess I'll give it another go. One thing's for sure: if in max a couple months not enough people shoe any interest in it, I'll bring it down again, this time forever. But as long as it's up... it has pot-limit games and even pre-flop pot-limit (no limit after flop). And cash games on play money, other than tourneys.

thanks, but it's not quite like that

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29 Aug 2020 09:17 #47570 by Furrball
Furrball replied. is now down, thanks for not playing, I'm leaving this place to the weirdos that still populate it. It's a pretty sad and dead place, not really fun, not updating since years. I did something better, you refused, your own problem. I'm just sorry for the months of effort I put into my own version, but evidently, you have your heroes to uphold.

Good luck with keeping this deadware up.

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01 Sep 2020 05:01 #47608 by foamie
foamie replied.

You are truly an interesting cat. I know that this may be a waste of my time but, since i hate to see wasted talent even more, i'm going to give it a shot.

I actually did visit (a while ago) and was quite impressed by the effort you put into it. Everything seemed to work flawlessly, and (sp0ck and boehmi will hate me for saying this, kkkk), without much data to back up this claim, i can say with almost 100% certainty that your randomness algorithm was better than pTH's on its best day, LOL (or maybe it's just my bias).

However, as you have very well noticed, there was one glaring problem with the lack of a community behind it. Even if you built the greatest free poker site ever imagined, but no one played there, in the end, it is as if it never existed in the first place.

Therefore, i returned to pTH and it's "corky" (especial) algorithm. Why? Because it's free and because there is a weird and funny community behind it.

My point is this: you may not know or admit it, but you actually like and are a part of this community too. If you didn't or weren't, you wouldn't have made these last few posts.

You are only having problems accepting that people will not leave this site for another, even if the software is better on the other side. Why? Because of its COMMUNITY, dummy! With all your intelligence you seem to miss this critical piece of data: we are humans and humans value interaction over pretty much anything else, even a superior piece of software.

So, the way i see it, you have two choices: you either become bitter about it and leave a community you obviously like. Or, you take matters into your own hands, STAY, and do the HARD work... fix the software you love to hate (yes, you have to do it here, not elsewhere, sorry).

Furrball wrote:
Oh... er... I see you lack developers but my own knowledge of C++ faded through years, like with any language you don't exercise daily. I can read some, but I couldn't write good code or easily help maintaining your existing codebase. But thanks for your offer, I appreciate your trust there, I just wouldn't be a good recipient for that trust because I'd be so rusty in dealing again with the convoluted C++ syntaxes and paradigms, after many years. I've been developing my stuff in the comfort and happy-go-lucky simplicity of ECMAscript since a bit too long to be able to immerse myself into the magnificent labyrinths of C++.

Yes, C++ is much more difficult than ECMAscript. But that shouldn't stop you. I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to, you could easily "reimmerse yourself into the magnificent labyrinths of C++", and actually IMPROVE this deadware. Do that, and you will be hailed as a HERO and remembered as a KING (by a bunch of weirdos and poker fiends, i know, but a HERO KING no less).

Give it some thought because pTH needs all the help it can get (trust me, i've been flushed into oblivion too many times). Of course, if you really need to leave, i respect your decision (although, in my humble opinion, it would be a wasted opportunity to take software/site to the next level).

Alright, i'm out.

The following user(s) said Thank You: Emmeler, joanna1, Furrball

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01 Sep 2020 08:41 - 01 Sep 2020 08:42 #47610 by Furrball
Furrball replied.
Well, I can at least thank you as one of the few who ever appreciated my presence here. I'm a bad kitty. I do NOT feel part of this community, I feel REJECTED by this community, save for those few who actually managed to enjoy my presence for some reason, and I occasionally play to either pass some time or experiment with poker. I'm not very well-tempered and I can admit that, so I don't even blame them that much. From a sentimental standpoint I can understand them, but that only goes so far.

holdemfree was inspired by PokerTH. There was even a thread where I remember reading about translating PokerTH to be a web application, which'd ease portability 'cos all you'd need would be a browser. So I went on from there and wrote holdemfree, which aimed to be that application, that's all. Even if it wasn't called PokerTH, it was offering functionally identical ranking tournaments, plus all the game formulas that PokerTH lacks.

I wish I were still working with C/C++ so I could in fact think about helping, but as it stands, I can't bring myself to see the point in investing a ton of effort to refresh my knowledge of the language, and look into its convoluted, fragmented codebase, to extend this one.

I may keep sadly playing from time to time but I'm a failure, I feel like a failure, and I can't help myself in the first place, let alone other people.

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