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07 Jan 2021 15:58 #48817 by nkgz
nkgz created the topic: Installation issues
I am trying to install pokerth server and webui on my Debian 10 server.

At the moment I just got a popup with "Invalid server."

I have done following steps.

1. Install pokerth-server from package with
sudo apt install pokerth-server

2. Adjust server config
Following lines I have adjusted
<ServerPassword value="test123" />
<ServerUseWebSocket value="1" />
<ServerPort value="7234" />
<ServerWebSocketPort value="7233" />
<ServerWebSocketResource value="/pthsocketserver" />
After adjustments of config I restarted the server.

3. Clone pokerth-live from github . (I am using the master branch)

4. Adjust
// self.websocket = new WebSocket("ws://");
self.websocket = new WebSocket("ws://");

5. Do npm install & npm run prod

I dont have setup a database and I dont use ssl (at the moment).

I am not sure if I do anything wrong or miss any adjustments on the config.xml file.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?

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07 Jan 2021 22:34 #48823 by sp0ck
sp0ck replied.
Hi nkgz,

can you check, if the websocket port is reachable from outside? Try a simple Echo Test.
Are there any JavaScript Console Errors during ws connect try?


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08 Jan 2021 07:43 #48828 by nkgz
nkgz replied.
The websocker port is reachable from outside and the ui can connect:
But still getting "Invalid server."

In the js console is one error, /images/ajax-loader.gif 404 (Not Found).

Is there the possibility to increase the log level of the server?

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08 Jan 2021 19:46 - 08 Jan 2021 19:54 #48829 by sp0ck
sp0ck replied.
>grep -Hirno 'Invalid server' pokerth-liv*/*
pokerth-live/inc/pokerth-live_min.js:1:Invalid server
pokerth-live/inc/pokerth-live_min.js:1:Invalid server
pokerth-live/inc/net/neteventhandler.js:220:Invalid server
pokerth-live/inc/net/neteventhandler.js:249:Invalid server

                if (announce.serverType === PokerTH.AnnounceMessage.ServerType.serverTypeInternetAuth)
			myGui.signalNetClientServerError("Invalid server.");

Has something to do with the server type from the repository:
		// CASE 1: Authenticated login (username, challenge/response for password).
		if (netAnnounce.servertype() == AnnounceMessage::serverTypeInternetAuth) {
		// CASE 2: Unauthenticated login (network game or dedicated server without auth backend).

Case 2 is the server from apt repository.

I suggest to build the server from source instead of using the apt repo one. You can find a detailed Wiki in the github repo.

If you need more help, feel free to ask.

Kind regards

P.S.: Please also check the forum here. 1st quart of 2020 this topic has also been discussed.

EDIT: neteventhandler.js line 16 -
this.isOfficialServer = true|false;
- worth to try to change this value.

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