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15 Feb 2014 12:57 - 15 Feb 2014 13:00 #20121 by LiLaLux
LiLaLux replied.

? ? ? ? WeCup 1166 - 09/02/2014 - 22:10 ? ? ? ?
 1 BRACK        (Winning Hand  9?,J?  One pair)
 2 Don Cool     (eliminated by hargreaves @ Hand 171)
 3 DerSchlesier (eliminated by beluxa71   @ Hand 164)
 4 Doc Ijiwaru  (eliminated by beluxa71   @ Hand 117)
 5 Mido         (eliminated by hargreaves @ Hand 108)
 6 Giant        (eliminated by beluxa71   @ Hand 104)
 7 krrreuh      (eliminated by hargreaves @ Hand 101)
 8 Dati         (eliminated by hargreaves @ Hand  86)
 9 zotti        (eliminated by hargreaves @ Hand  83)

The medals for the final of January submitted later but not too late i hope :whistle:

Great Sunday Final for January

the winner is


Attachment not found

Don Cool DerSchlesier

Attachment not found

Attachment not found

Thanks to Schupp, who sent me the medals to edit for this and the next years.

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17 Feb 2014 17:12 #20158 by M4N!4C
M4N!4C replied.

yoeki wrote: Hi M4N!4C
You wrote:

#1191 goes to Table 1 @10 pm
#1192 goes to Table 2 @10 pm
#1194 is next

win me?? opend table 1 and GAVIOES report
I opend table 2 and Emmeler report
I don't know if its important for the game numbers.
GAVIOES is table 1 and #1191
Emmeler table 2 and #1192

Have a nice day

Thank you yoeki for taking a look over the last games
I didn't remember who opened the games.
To mention the opening table admin is only important if something went wrong during invitational procedure. In many cases the reporter isn't the opening table admin. That's why I mention the opening admin in my reports,

Emmeler wrote: Thank you yoeki,

observed right, but when three games start almost simulaneously FIFO (first in first out) according to report time can be used too.
It is less error-prone than having gaps to fill (and you cannot give 'jump-first report-last' T1 status all the time ;) )

:laugh: I simply hadn't remembered the correct starting sequence of amigo win me?? and amiga yoeki. And bro Gavioes did fine filling the gap coz he likes gut shots. :whistle:

The problem isn't usually the start its the different ending time. The time to prepare the report is also a factor. Table 3 finished first yesterday. After the game I prepared the report immediately after the game. But before I quitted the PTH client I checked if the other WEC games are finished too, that wasn't the case.
So I also attached an advice in my prepared post.
During the preparation and posting of my report, Emmeler was able to finish and post his report.
A few minutes later GAVIOES posted the report of table 2.

IMHO the gap system can work if the reporter is able to keep his table number in mind. You can also scroll up or moving on previous page find out what number you table is.

Its also important to have a backup reporter/table admin if the corresponding admin lost his logfile or connection. After looking at my game I was the only experienced reporter. I'm not sure if the report have been posted if I had lost connection (fortunately it didn't happen) So we need to be more strategic in sharing potential backup reporters within WEC game tables. We also need more players who take on responsibility for WEC community. That can be Table administration or game reporting. We definitely need more “WEC staff” to guarantee a smooth progress in daily duties.

Have a nice week

The following user(s) said Thank You: Emmeler, Ghost__

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17 Feb 2014 17:37 #20160 by GAVIOES
GAVIOES replied.
i knew my table is number one
but emmeler make first the post in scores we cup ( and emmeler put your table
with nunber one)
so, o change my number to table 2
np, i hope....
The following user(s) said Thank You: Emmeler, Ghost__

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06 Mar 2014 16:39 - 06 Mar 2014 16:45 #20474 by M4N!4C
M4N!4C replied.
Hello We Cuppers,

I decided to create a small tutorial for all We Cup players who don't know how to create and start a WEC game table.

Step 1:

In PokerTH internet game lobby you have to click on the Create game-Button. Its between game display and the lobby chat window, were you see chat messages.

Step 2:

Now the "Create Internet game" window pops up and you can set the game table settings.

You see I already set the settings for a usual WeC table.

Step 2.1:

But you are currently not 100% ready to start inviting players. You have to set change the blind settings.

Click on “Change blind settings ...” and the following window will pop up.

You see I already changed the First small blind to $ 50 and blinds always double at 25 Hands, that's the setup for any monthly Semi-final and Final. For a usual WeC game its only 22 hands.

If you've finished the blind settings click on OK and then you can also finish the creation of the game by clicking on ok at the “Create Internet game” window.

Step 3:

So you are ready to invite players. To select a player for an invitation you just have to right-click on the player. A small sub menu will pop up were you can invite, ignore, un-ignore or check the stats or game status of a player.

Click on invite and you will also see a notification in chat window. If a player rejects your invitation you will see a notification written with red letters, if he or she can't joint the game you will also see a red notification, that the player is busy. But if you hear the typical sound of a joined player, your invitation was successful and the player will join your game immediately.

Step 4:

So if you have at least 7 players who are able to play We Cup you can start the game.

After the 10th player has joined the game will auto-start.

At least a tip how to find WeC players faster on krrreuh's WeC members list .

You have to push Ctrl + F to start the search function on you browser. So you can check faster if your player of you choice is on the list.
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01 Apr 2014 15:46 #20900 by GAVIOES
GAVIOES replied.

nice hand Garline
Game: 1 | Hand: 20
BLIND LEVEL: $50 / $100
Seat 1: GAVIOES ($10233)
Seat 2: darmax99 ($18675)
Seat 4: 868dsw ($10100)
Seat 5: Dati ($7233)
Seat 6: coruja ($12200)
Seat 7: win me?? ($9300)
Seat 8: uu_Heinz ($9775)
Seat 9: porcino2010 ($12600)
Seat 10: Garline ($9884)
BLINDS: Garline ($50), GAVIOES ($100)
porcino2010 starts as dealer.
darmax99 folds.
868dsw folds.
Dati calls $100.
coruja calls $100.
win me?? folds.
uu_Heinz folds.
porcino2010 folds.
Garline calls $50.
GAVIOES bets $700.
Dati folds.
coruja folds.
Garline calls $700.

FLOP [board cards K?,J?,9?]
Garline checks.
GAVIOES bets $1000.
Garline calls $1000.

TURN [board cards K?,J?,9?,A?]
Garline checks.
GAVIOES bets $2000.
Garline calls $2000.

RIVER [board cards K?,J?,9?,A?,T?]
Garline is all in with $6084.
GAVIOES folds.
Garline wins $13884
Garline shows [Q?,J?]
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12 May 2014 00:20 #21548 by M4N!4C
M4N!4C replied.

NextName wrote:

M4N!4C wrote:

<strong>Announcement by Admin board of the WEEEKEND CUP </strong>

<strong>Any player, who miss WEC cut with more than 1000 games and 4 old seasons is also able to qualify via veterans rule.
For such players the weighted average has to be used
The weighted average of the last 100 games of current and last two seasons or last 3 complete seasons. An Average of 9 is needed to qualify via veterans rule.</strong>

the basic formula to calculate the ability of a player is:

Hi all

could an admin tell me whether I'm eligible under veteran's rule?

(I somehow doubt it, I'm having some really bad seasons lately ...)

Thanks in advance, and greetinx

Good evening NextName,

First thank you for your interest in playing WeCup.

I've tested your profile and unfortunately you are currently not WeC ready.

Currently your are 105 Ranking games away to have the ability to qualify via Veterans rule. You also have to increase your average a bit, an Average of at least 9.0 is necessary to qualify.

A participation is not far away, but you have to increase your average at current and next season.
If you do, there should be no hurdles for you to qualify via Veterans rule.


The following user(s) said Thank You: Emmeler, hargreaves, Ghost__

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