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24 Jul 2018 17:00 - 24 Jul 2018 17:01 #41159 by M4N!4C
M4N!4C replied.
Hi Bab and all,

feel free to answer on posts that aren’t addressed directly to you. I’m aware that I’ve posted stuff in a public forum and not in a pm box.

One thing I have to point out when I write here at this topic I write as an WeC adminboard member most of the time, this means I have to support all WeCup members. That’s probably one of the disadvantages of adminboard work, but I have to do it that way or shouldn't be an admin in first place.

On some of the rules (that hasn't been changed yet) my opinion changed over the years. Sadly the adminboard is in a spot were it heavily depends on how WeC community acts and the game report situation is probably only the top of the iceberg.

Currently the table admin is responsible for his/her game that he/she opens, that includes also the game report. If he/she sits out early someone else at the table can be asked to do the report for table admin instead. Both jobs, table admin and reporter, are voluntarily. There is no rule that the winner has to report or something else.

If you or anyone else of the table admins, game reporters, former table admins or former game reporters has some suggestions to handle things in regards of WeC game reports differently in the future, feel free to post it her at this topic.

Bab wrote: Hey M4N!4C,

I think you overreacted saying that 'my last statement is quite dodgy.'

Dodgy might be the wrong word (it can mean: tricky, crafty, touchy, questionable, odd, doubtful...). I think your statement is a double edged sword that might hit you or one of your friends unintentionally sooner or later.

Bab wrote: I don't like Falli's behaviour. He doesn't say a word during the game and doesn't ask no one to report for him. This would be the minimum to do, I guess.

There are such players on any community and they aren’t such a problem as you actually let them appear. For sure it sucks because they do nothing constructive in regards of administration work (open tables and writing game reports includes this) but that’s actually a thing I try to ignore because there are other things that make it worth to sacrifice a minute or two to write a game report.

There will be always community members who wont do a thing no matter how kindly you ask or no matter how easy it is to do. Also Falli never opened a table, so he was never in charge of writing game reports. As I’ve written earlier in this post, there is no “the winner has to do the report rule”, its based on voluntary help done by WeC community.

Please bloody stop this the-winner-has-to-do-the-report-mentality, its against WeC rules.

Bab wrote: And I won't stop playing wec because of you. Unless you expel me or don't invite me to play when wec is about to begin.

Why are you assuming that I swing the ban hammer at you that quickly, for having your opinion that’s probably differs from mine?
You are more than welcome to play WeC games in the future.

Bab wrote: I play WEC because I have good FRIENDS there.

We aren’t that different, I’ve done the admin job for over 5 years now and it took thousands of hours to do from me and I’ve done it because I know that there are players here who enjoy playing at WeC.

I know that its sometime not as pleasant to do you duties as table admin or game reporter but you might have other reasons why you do it in first place. I can’t appreciate enough all those helping hands who helped to bring WeC thus far. Hopefully we’ll get some more in the future to make WeC even better.
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24 Jul 2018 18:08 - 24 Jul 2018 18:14 #41160 by Bab
Bab replied.
Hi M4N!4C,

Thank you for the info.

I must say that I was told many times, by several players, that the winner of the wec game should do the report!
So it is not a question of 'having such mentality'

From now on every time they say it again, I will show them this link.


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24 Jul 2018 21:41 #41162 by Ingolf17
Ingolf17 replied.
Hi folks :)

I totally agree with M4N!4C on the admin job. You gotta be the "nasty guy" sometimes, and everyone only remembers you from your last post. Believe me, i've been admin, supermod elswewhere. Hard to get everyone happy.

I very much aprreciate your work M4N!4C, i know its not a small thing.

And must agree without schupps parser, we would be kinda fucked without a template.
/me says hi to chatbot :side:

I'd say if you plan on winning wec, which most of us do, then one requirement is that one learn to report. Maybe not as a new weccer, but slowly push it so the player can in the future.

We gotta remember that WEC is a community under PTH. Im very happy to be part of it, and therefore respect the rules, and show respect to everyone else. If we dont stick together, it will fall apart, so lets work on keeping things sane :D

If you win WEC, you atleast gotta learn how to pull out the log for others to post, imho.

I still cant find the post on how to report wec, but i'd be happy to make a new post with pictures and videos showing how easy it is.

Keep cool and happy :D

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24 Jul 2018 22:33 - 24 Jul 2018 23:28 #41164 by Bab
Bab replied.
Hello to all,

I totally agree with Ingolf's words. Perhaps because he knows English much better than I do, he expressed very well many good things that I'd like to state here, including the value of Maniac's work.

But mostly the goal of maintaining a healthy relationship within this special community that we like so much.

No doubt we should respect ourselves and enjoy our moments playing with pleasure and having fun. The ultimate goal for all of us :)


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14 Oct 2018 22:24 #41784 by M4N!4C
M4N!4C replied.
Hi WeCuppers,

I have 2 suggestions for WeC Season in 2019, what do you think?

1. Only 6 players (instead of 7) are needed to start a game. In game report the 7th spot is fill with disco_dummy. So we might play more games.

2. Only Top 10 players of the month are qualified for monthly finals.
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21 Oct 2018 10:39 #41837 by Victor_mpt
Victor_mpt replied.
Hi WeCuppers
I agree.
Perhaps there would be more games in 20:00 with only 6 players.
Best Regards
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