Three betting possible stealers in no-limit hold’em

In no-limit holdem poker then you will be on the button or the cut-off a fair percentage of the time when the player to your immediate right open raises. The probability is that your opponent is raising lighter than normal based on position however you need to have some sort of idea on what your opponents range is. When you know this then you can set about constructing a three betting range to combat that. If you opponent is raising really wide then you can re-raise with pockets pairs 88+ and most Broadway hands like KQ and even KJ and AT.

I like calling raises with lesser hands in an attempt to use the combination of my hand strength and my position to gain a post flop advantage. When you three bet then you should do so aggressively and confidently in poker. I think that there is a big difference between an aggressive three bet and a defensive three bet. Most people would say that a three bet is a three bet but that isn’t the case. What I am talking about here is the mindset that a player has before they three bet.

Some players three bet with a defensive mindset where they are constantly fearing getting four bet or floated. In my opinion, if I have a choice between three betting and folding or calling then I will always choose the aggressive option of three betting and even if I call then it will be what I deem an “aggressive call” in which I would be looking to make a play for the pot post flop or place my opponent under even more pressure. Some players will allow you to push them around and this is how certain games can end up being profitable.

I always feel that the term “tight-aggressive” is often misunderstood in online poker games. Many intermediate level players are aware that “tight-aggressive” is the best style of play in poker although in the right hands then a loose-aggressive player can make more money but let’s not go into that as LAG play is far more difficult to teach and to execute. But many players start off in hands being aggressive but then get bullied away from the hand by the professionals who prey on risk adverse players or players straying into pot control.

So if you three bet a stealer then you should do so aggressively and be prepared to fire more barrels on the flop, turn and even the river. This requires more nerve and also more bankroll but this is why professionals have such large bankrolls because having a large bankroll allows them to be able to make plays that they otherwise would not be able to make if they were playing on scared money. I have often championed having a “no bankroll” approach where if you had access to regular income and an initial $1000 for example then you could in theory have an almost “infinite” bankroll if you were prepared to add more money to that figure.

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