Playing Poker - can you beat the software?

Today poker online is one of the major gambling opportunities which can be found on the internet, and millions are playing this game in the hope of some extra income. The online gambling industry is now on such a level that no one could even imagine. But this could all be a part of the past because of the cheating possibilities what players have found during the past years.

Poker had been a subject of study by scientists for some time now, as well as gambling. Of course this isn't a strange thing, in poker there are many possibilities which a player has to consider and the strategies are often based on mathematical calculations, and possibilities. Because of this, scientists started to understand poker better during these years, and because the world of technology had been flourishing soon they started thinking about creating a program which can play poker.

Before we continue we first have to note, that this isn't the software which is used by the casino to deal cards, and to control what is happening in the online poker room. Therefore if you play in a top online casino your money is in a perfectly safe place (if we exclude the normal risks involved playing in a casino of course). This poker software is developed by top scientists and programmers, in order to create the perfect poker player, who will always win: basically they are creating the online casinos and poker rooms' worst nightmare. If people will start using this program in order to increase their winning, than soon enough the online gambling industry will disappear, unless online casinos will not be able to stop this phenomenon.

But let's clear things out. Firstly, we have to clarify what is this software. Basically this software is a complex system of algorithms. You simply connect your computer on which you are signed in to the online poker room, with another computer on which you start the program. When the program starts, you don't have to do anything, because the software will act as a certain 'artificial intelligence', the best poker player in the world, and he will make every decision instead of you. Now, for those who are not familiar with the capabilities of modern software, I should tell you: it is 99.9% impossible to beat the software. Computers are computers: they don't make mistakes, they are always right in their calculations, and you can't play psychological games with it, because they don't feel or think. They simply calculate. In fact they calculate a lot and they do it very fast. Much faster than a human can. Because of this the person who is using this type of program will automatically be in an advantage. Other disturbing news for the online casinos is that the use of this software is not illegal. Although poker players find it unethical, and casinos don't accept the use of it, some are in fact using it quite a lot, and with reasonable success.

The main problem with this is that many thought when the online casinos appeared, that they are playing against computer generated players, specially created to take people's money. The industry than started developing smarter programs, they built in random number generators. But now, they are facing another problem. If people will use these programs many will give up playing.

Analyzing the issue from another point of view, we have to note, that this could be used as an advantage. If a player can't beat the program (theoretically), than it would be preferable to have that advantage on your side, wouldn't it? Even though it is not ethical, it will bring you money to the house, and it's not illegal either. So if you are in a huge loss, and want to win back all the money, you could hook up the computer with a program of this kind, and you could even leave the room.

Just be aware, that casinos won't tolerate this kind of game play. It is considered cheating, and you might be banned from the casino for life, if they find out with what ways did you win. Also there is another fact. There are appearing articles on the internet, that professional poker players did in fact beat the program. This raises the question is this so called 'unbeatable' program really unbeatable? Apparently not, and since the program isn't an intelligent being, it uses patterns and equations to calculate it's next move, so if you watch out for these kinds of 'players' you might be able to identify them. Casinos spend a lot of money to make sure their customers will be able to play in a perfectly fair environment, so they will not tolerate any use of illegal materials, and I believe it is only a matter of time until they will develop programs which can find those who are winning other players money unfair. In the same time you could decide whether to use on or not, and also you could document yourself on this matter, because you might meet next time a program, and at that point it is only your decision whether to risk your money (a fairly high risk) and play against it, or simply leave the table.

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