Real Money Poker vs Play Money

Real Money Players

This is what separates the men from the boys, ladies from the girls. Playing at real cash tables gives a true sense of “in it to win it”. The competition heats up in a fight to the finish in Tournaments. The buy-ins vary greatly along with prize pools that reach huge cash amounts. Some of the biggest pro names in Poker play in online ring games and tournaments with a fierce determination to win. It isn’t completely about the prize money but about the ego, beating out 100s of players to the final table and winning first place. Observing high roller games is the best free entertainment a player can watch. Mastering the game takes strategy, risk and exceptional insight to read your opponent. It takes the kind of skills that aren’t taught in the basic hand book of what hand beats what. A rookie sitting down at the table is easily recognized by a seasoned player who will eventually and knock him right out of the game. That is when play money games are ideal to practice and perfect your poker skills.

Play Money Players

Sitting at a Sit n Go table that is filled with players holding a stack of fun money can be both frustrating, fantastic and a great way to learn the ins and outs of poker. The most frustrating is the player who goes all in every single hand regardless of what he is holding. That doesn’t benefit anyone and the only real victory is waiting for the moment to knock him out of the game. Unfortunately it is not long before he is back in the game after clicking the button for more free chips. The only thing more frustrating is when lady luck plays a cruel trick on the table and the all-in amateur is on a dumb luck winning streak.

Enter Freerolls with zero buy-ins and win real money cash. There are also free tournaments awarded that typically require an entry fee. With good quality skills and a bit of luck a player can work their way up to big satellite games where the big cash tournaments are.  

All Poker Players

Regardless if you enter a real money game or a play money game there are somethings that you simply can’t get away from. There are different types of players that are found at both tables. Spotting all poker styles is important to how your game is played.

Calling Station – This type of player plays starting hands a lot but rarely will he bet or raise. It is a typical beginner style who wants to see the flop and hope they hit. If they do they won’t raise in fear their opponent will fold. And if they have nothing on the flop they will call a bet in hopes of hitting on the turn. This is probably the worst type of game play to be profitable particularly for online poker.

Rock – the player only picks a few hands to play and hardly ever will bet or raise. He is easily read when holding a solid hand because that is when he almost always bets or raises.

Whale- This type of player is typically wealthy who has no bankroll concerns and at the same time is not a very strong player.  It is what an experienced poker hopes to run into at the tables for a chance to win some serious cash.
Fish – A player who will end up losing lots of money because they will call anything regardless of their hand. The type of players aren’t very skilled at poker and need a lot more practice before playing against the more experienced player.

There are lots of pros and cons to any game and the key to successful poker playing is practice, practice and more practice, always try table games in fun mode before risking your hard earned money. Poker offers a wide range of variations that require learning basic and advanced skills. Gambling as we all know is about risk, playing in real money mode inexperienced is not a risk it’s just plain dumb.

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