Two Four of a Kinds

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This is the first time I saw two four of a kinds in one round. It was a rollercoaster of emotion. Elated at the flop. Thought it was over at the turn, Shocked by the river.

FLOP [board cards 8♣,J♦,9♦]
barryl checks.
lennyandcarl checks.
Kingfish65 bets $600.
DerSchlesier calls $600.
barryl is all in with $6330.
lennyandcarl folds.
Kingfish65 is all in with $1810.
DerSchlesier folds.
Kingfish65 shows [J♠,J♥]
barryl shows [8♦,8♥]

TURN [board cards 8♣,J♦,9♦,8♠]

RIVER [board cards 8♣,J♦,9♦,8♠,J♣]
Kingfish65 has [ J♠,J♥] - Four of a Kind, Jacks
barryl has [ 8♦,8♥] - Four of a Kind, Eights

Kingfish65 wins $7320
barryl wins $3920 (side pot)
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