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I dont know if this has ever happened in PTH history but Jackimaster came back from $1 after I was messing with him and bet 2499 out of his last 2500. They had $1 left and went from 1 to 6 to 36 to 256 to and so on to win the game. Now I only know of BBC where I came back heads up with sp0ck $15 to win $30000 and that was pretty crazy but this was 8 people left with jackimaster and they won the game. Was very funny.

Maybe PTH could post records and stuff would be kinda cool!!!


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Certainly this was possible due to outstanding string of skill and luck in that particular game.
I remember how I managed few times a comeback from something below 100 (in 30.000 game) with only few at the table. I know it was possible due to huge bucket of luck I had at that game. IMO most important moment is in player's spirit of "Newer give up".

I'm not sure if game server keeps game logs (if at all) long enough to do any significant analysis... We have to be careful with analysis as access to game logs may be easily abused for player behaviour profiling, which is IMO something no one really wants to happen at PokerTH.
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