Set minimum action time higher

Tell us what do you like to have in PokerTH
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Play in 5/5 is a training for the brain. We analyse and choose quickly. I think it's nice. Bingo players are not majority. This is as pool, play snooker is a training for the 8 Pool.
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I want everyone to vote politically as I do because it is obvious that not doing so is dumb. Come on, d00d

It seems you want your opinion shoved down our throats. As Sp0ck points out, Create a game with your settings and you'll see how many agree.
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Perhaps those wishing more than 5 sec could join the AARP PokerTH. Oh yeah, doesn't exist...hmm wonder why??? Love the option to set times but 5 to 7 sec seem the most frequent. Works for the chimp!
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Those who like to play quickly should be allowed to create 5s games. Those who wish more time to act should create games with a longer timer.
If you join a game knowing the timer is not to your liking then you should be stoic and take your medicine without bit%hing.
I like a long timer and should I choose to let the timer expire without clicking, it is perfectly within the rules to take all the time I am allotted.
The software is designed to accommodate fast and slow players and yet people still complain.
I love and respect you all without prejudice and intend to create some ranked games with a 15 to 25 second timer.
Will call the game Gnome's Garden.
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Fast games are nice, but on a few occasions, almost everyone wishes they could have more time for a really important decision.
Precisely for this reason, in some poker tournaments, there are "Time Chips".
It would be nice if PokerTH could support such a feature.
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