Quicker exit for players disconnected (ghost players)

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I know accidents happen with unwanted disconnections and to allow players comin' back in the game is a good thing , but there are players leaving the table with chips left and become ghost players who stay on for quite long time making the final classment of the game untrue.
What I ask is to shorten the time , giving of course just the time to reconnect if that is the case or alternatively establish a number of hands to play before the ghost is eliminated, this shouldnt affect the players who lose all the chips but want to stay at the table watching the game.
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The timeout is 60 times the reaction time of that game. So in a 5 second game the player will be kicked after 5 minutes. Imagine someone needs to restart his PC, then 5 minutes is not too long.
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I agree with boehmi, 5 min is not a long period to reboot, login, start game and reconnect. Sometimes it is not long enough, even with linux as connectivity problem may be broader (router, modem,...). I'd suggest to consider table admin the right to kick-off such player after certain number of hands or specific time.
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