PokerTH on Android - not working?

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Hi, I wanted to try PokerTH on my mobile device. I'm using Pocophone F1 with Android 10 and this app does not work for me. I mean i can login and participate in games however I see screen like in attachment. I barely can see three buttons (Raise, Check, Fold). I can't even type my custom bet. I've downloaded: PokerTH-1.1.1-Android20151208.apk
Screenshot_2024-01-06-02-33-16-450_org.qtproject.pokerth.jpg (126.78 KiB) Viewed 45571 times
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I just tried the same version on my phone and all buttons are fully visible, although quite small. I prefer to play on my laptop or desktop. I guess the problem lies with your "odd" screen size of 1080x2246, whereas my phone has a screen size of 1080x2400.
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* On the top of the right sidebar of your screenshot is a Fullscreen Button - try this.
* Since Android 10 there also exists a complete fullscreen mode which you can set for apps (if I do remember right) - try this also as an alternative method.
* ... and last: there are apps available in the playstore which assist/allow you using apps in complete fullscreen mode - search for the term "fullscreen" maybe or google for it.

Screen should fit if right sidebar and top status bar are hidden.
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Auf meinem Pixel 8 habe ich PokerTH bis jetzt nicht zum Laufen gebracht. Falls jemand einen Tipp hat, gerne her damit.
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