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Tanslation development issues for PokerTH
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Just installed your app on linux and it seems pretty nice (as nice as QT5 app can look on GTK-based distro...), but there are couple issues with translation:
1) (Minor) Not everything translated in menus.
2) There are couple silly typos for russian language. On same word, but in different places:
The very first (Main) window on button number 4 (Join network game) and inside Internet game lobby on "Join game" button. Both have "Присоединится" instead of "Присоединиться" (one letter skipped and thus in russian your button says something like "(someone) Will Join" instead of just Join).

First i decided to go to github to maybe help fix that one, but turns out it has been already fixed on github last year.
I suppose translation to Russian might not be the top priority issue given world situation, but it really looks silly. And fix is already there on github for at least 4 months (it says "Russian translation improvements" near TS folder and marks change as Last Year)

Also russian translation still has same typo in another place (not sure where i can find it in app itself, but ts file has it on line 2324)

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        <source>Join &amp;any game</source>
        <translation type="vanished">Присоединится к &amp;любой игре</translation>
Should be "Присоединиться" too
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